Hello Philippines!

Welcome to Mike’s Imported English Goods – the #1 online store in the Philippines for British goods, especially foodstuff.

Crave for hard to find products such as Colman’s mustard or HP sauce?

You are in the right place!

14 thoughts on “Hello Philippines!

    1. bc is part of tracking number for jrs express..its 2 parts which is 6 numbers then bc2091…you only need this if you needed to track a box….of course you not need as you already received the box,but you know for next time

    1. hi gunter….my cellphone number is 09104998362….i have at present 75 cans of guinness & 8 cans of strongbow..i can send my worker on the bus to deliver to you it the cheapest deliver method….lbc is a bit expensive…i can get delivered to you within 24hours….i have about 1000 cans which has just cleared customs in manila that will be available in approx one weeks time…please text me as my internet it not that good here in ormoc city leyte….regards mike

    2. hi gunter if you need anymore guinness or strongbow or anything else i can send my worker he enjoys going out and about…new stocks arrived today so plenty more stock now

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