Mike founded Mike’s Imported English Goods to cater for the growing demand for British goods in the Philippines. The majority of customers are British expats, who crave for “food from home”. The business is growing rapidly and we now have an online store to simplify the¬†ordering process.

Customers may also visit our shop in Ormoc, Leyte

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    1. hi robert paying by western union is straight forward the detail you need …michael stokes ormoc city leyte 09104998362…..best is you shop on line and leave the payment as cheque payment…i will box up your order and send it to you…i will notify you the exact cost of postage and goods,,,you can send me the payment via western union imforming me the collection number and the senders full name…..regards mike…p.s sorry the reply a while internet a bit slow

  1. Just discovered your website. Your prices seem VERY good. I just had two things in my larder which I bought locally and could compare. My 200g baked beans was 200 pesos. Your 400g is 200 pesos! Coleman mustard also much cheaper from you. I will compile an order soon. Thanks, and good luck.

    1. hi john yes pretty good prices,ive just put heinz baked beans up to 90 peso,s i had to because had 3 customers buy 174 between them,,,and only 50% of there order….i can keep at 70 peso if 20% of order

  2. Still a good price. Don’t sell yourself short! The two most popular breakfast cereals back home, Weetabix, and Shredded Wheat, are difficult to find here!

    1. hi john just to let you know i have wheatabix @ 300 for 24,s also shredded wheat @ 240 peso,s for 16,s & 400 for 30,s i suspect that a reasonable price …please let me know if that is ? i research prices in cebu but would love feedback from your area ?

  3. Hi John, I just seen your site from a forum link and seems great. Well done for setting it up as I am almost out of the stuff I sent to myself via a Balikbayan box last year so need more goodies. I live near to Tagaytay and wondered if you have an idea of shipping costs up to here per kg? What payment methods do you accept? I have a BPI account and wondered if there was a bank transfer method, or is it just Western union?

    1. hi jeff i usually ship using lbc there only about 100 peso,s a kilo and quick and easy and to your door usually 24-48hrs payment can be made on my site via paypal or you can use any remit company my phone number is 09104998362…mikesimported englishgoods….who is john?

  4. Hi John,I also live in Tagaytay and have the same query as Jeff. Another query, how long does it take for delivery? just a rough idea is all that is required as there is a few of us here that will band together and place an order.

    1. hi bob it depends the delivery method used lbc are usually 24hour area depending the area…for large order to save the customer money delivery by bus is another option a lot cheaper……to start i suggest lbc its approx only 100 peso a kilo and to your door….

  5. Sorry about that John (Mike ) must have had another message on my mind.Chris put me right anyway.Will be sending order later this week ,thanks.Looking back at Jeff’s comments that is where I got John.

    1. ive starting sending more order on the manila bus run by DLTB i sent a order yesterday it cost 700 peso for a fairly big order 6000 peso+ if LBC it would 1800 peso,s so saves that customer 1100 peso,s and because he live fairly close to the bus route he can meet up with the bus en route i get the bus drivers cellphone number & give him the customers cellphone number i also get the buses plate number….it work very well …some guys club together & put in one order then take turns meeting up with the bus ………..

  6. Hi Mike ( got it right that time) ,because this is the first order I am going to make please answer one question.I place the order but how do I pay if we do not know the weight of the products until you have them packed? I realise I am thick but I think a genuine question.

    1. lbc charge weight plus volume…the site is based on this its swings and roundabouts,because the human elliment but usually i lose 10 to 20 peso,s but on some orders i gain 10-20 peso,s…there other options like selecting collection and email me send…that way you pay the goods but pay delivery seperatily after ive sent order and knoe exact postage

  7. hi mike so glad i found your link i was wondering if by chance you will be getting malt loaf i have been craveing this forever lol . i see so many things i wish to buy must make full list first then i will order .thanks in advance for a reply.

    DISAPPOINTED WITH THE QUALITY OF THE CANS . Some rusted and quite a few dented . The liquorice all sorts were out of date and turned to sugar . Are you buying fire sale stock ?

    1. hi ron i will replace liquorice allsorts im waiting on new stock to come…..my shop started off quiet the 1st 6 months…but in the last 6 months has taken off like a rocket….so now victim of my own success….my new stock is somewhere in transit…i have you will give me benefit of doubt and bear by me ….anything that need replacing i will do….just let me know….my aim is to have great customer service…….regards mike
      ……all stock is bought in uk from mainly tesco,sainsbury & morrisons they make a real effort to source mainly english product and have great customers service and supply good long use by dates….99% of my present stock has one year plus use by dates

    2. hi ron im looking to find your order so i can check the cans which where rusty,what name did you order under???? i have quite a few ron,s on my customers list but none match your details….what is your family name or order number thanks ron……regards mike

  9. Hi Mike,
    Just came across your website and whilst I am trying to adapt and only eat locally available foods, sometimes the desire for something from home is overwhelming. I have not placed an order yet, but am sure I will do soon, one question, can you get naan breads or is their shelf-life too short to make it all the way from the UK?

    1. hi gary i shipped some nan bread with a fairly long use by date it arrived in date but only just,i tried it with a beef madras curry wasn,t that good…..nothing like we can get good indian curry house in uk….i ship dried ready to cook popudums raita sauce,mango chutney,lime pickle…..i can ship some nan bread for you it,s about 10 to 12 weeks…if you like…its vacuum packed so will probably last an extra year past bbd…..

      1. Thanks for the info. Before I ask you to go to the trouble, I might just try to make my own, after all, what’s the point of all the spare time I now have if I don’t try something new?
        Thanks again, shall order something soon


          1. Hi Mike. I am a new customer and placed an order today and gave my old email address. It should have been charmanbarry12@gmail.com incase you have not sent a confirmation mail. What is yr delivery timetable for Davao. Please reply on new mail address.
            Cheers Baz

  10. have you any idea the cost to send to Glan, General Santos, Mindanao, they have LBC here and obversely I will be getting a box of goods

    1. hi ricky the web site will work out the lbc shipping costs @ the end of order…the average cost is 30%…ie 1500 is 450 pesos, it usually delivered to your door or if prefered you can pick up your local office

    2. hi ricky lbc is the same cost anywhere in philippines they might add 50 peso if romote location but really there good value and good service for ph,s usual price is 450 peso for a 1500 peso order but as it usually to your door its good value & usually cheaper then most shopping trips lol

  11. Hi Mike,

    I am so glad I found this site and am very happy with my first order. I would like to recommend you consider expanding your product category for some very hard (or impossible) to find spices and herbs. I have been looking for different peppercorns other than black, dill, varying vanilla beans types (I found only one type and it was 2 or 3 vanilla beans in a bottle for an outrageous price), pumpkin pie spice, poultry seasoning, annatto, fennel, smoked paprika, saffron, Old Bay seasoning, and more. I don’t know how many times I have looked up a recipe I want to try and see that many of the ingredients are unavailable. If I had known, I would have emptied my spice cabinet prior to moving here.

    Looking to place my second order soon, after my move from apartment to house is complete.

    1. hi david i have ordered a good range of herbs & spices vanilla pods & essence…there on the way should be here in ph,s in about 8 weeks time…ive added quite a bit to the shop in the last 2 weeks & look forward to adding more as i get idea,s & feedback

    2. hi david just to let you know i have many herbs & spices now & a new category in the online shop herbs & spices seem to be selling fairly well….ive dill vanilla pods & vanilla essence now

  12. Hi Mike
    Allan gales here I also have food sent to me From Welsh Deli Manila and the goods are very good, they put the bill in the package box along with a payment plan ,I pay the full amount through MetroBank and found this very easy to do.
    So I am wondering if I could do the same for you.
    Ps when can we expect you new Delivery as I do want to place an order with you as I have been informed your prices are good and the products are plentiful .

    1. hi allen my bank is BPI bank and you can pay your bill direct into my bpi account….i have plenty stock and await your order as soon as you order i will send my banking details along with the order so you are able to pay …..please order as soon as you like….regards mike

  13. Hi Mike, great to meet you the other day. Got the stuff home ok and just wanted to thankyou for a great service. Will order again when I run out. Good luck with everything!

  14. i am just compiling my first order Mike…… The one item that i am craving and have seen it on your site some time ago, but no longer is Vesta Beef Curry and Rice…..I know its crap food…. but i love it.
    I am in Angeles and will be paying direct to your BPI account as I have an account there also , if thats ok.
    Malcolm in Angeles City

    1. thats an good idea malcolm i not have any in stock at present only tinned curry, paste,s, sauces & powders….it will be about 10 weeks shipping time hope you order other things until then …hope you remind me in a few months even if i write reminders by the time stuff arrives ive lost notes etc

      1. hi malcolm ive tried ordering vesta beef curry i can,t seem to be able to i can only assume there stopped stocking it….after you mentioned it i was quite fancying some for myself sad to say NO more it would have been ideal for ex pats here

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